xop climbing sticks
XOP 4-Pack Storm Grey Climbing Sticks

XOP 4-Pack Storm Grey Climbing Sticks

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XOP 4-Pack Climbing Sticks

Utilize our patented quarter turn locking mechanism which allows you to lock your sticks together for transport with no additional straps or tie-downs. Our climbing sticks not only pack together great they also feature longer arched steps and increased standoff from the tree. The Long Locking 3 Step climbing sticks are very light weight and easy to set up. Perfect for making semi-permanent sets easier to hang or to gain extra height in your mobile set ups. 


  • Arch step technology
  • Heat treated steel fast strap buttons
  • Deep stand-off brackets provide more space between boot and tree
  • Lock right stick stacking system

Weight Rating: 350 pounds
Product Dimensions: 34” Length of each stick
Weight: 3.2 lbs per stick