XOP Air Raid Hang-On Stand

XOP Air Raid Hang-On Stand

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XOP Air Raid

XOP hang-on treestands utilize a lighter platform design and patented sound deadening cast aluminum I-beam center. Our hang-ons are not only stronger and lighter than any of the other comparable stands on the market, but our I-beam eliminates all possible resonation of sound and makes our stands DEAD silent! Equipped with fully leveling seat and platform, a six-point bracket for ultimate off-set capability, indestructible heat-treated steel fast strap buttons for effortless hanging, and the strongest stand fastening belt on the market.

  • Dual functioning tri-layer compression foam seat pad, for all day comfort
  • Basic Backpack Straps
  • Indestructible Heat treated steel Fast strap buttons
  • 2 Oversized polyester belt with XL cam buckle
  • In cast bow holder and accessory hooks
  • Leveling seat and platform
  • XOP green finish
  • New patented I beam technology
  • Ultimate offset capability, for those crooked trees
  • Includes Fall Arrest System/Full Body Harness that meets industry standards.

Weight Rating: 350 pounds
Stand Dimensions: 30” x 19.5”
Stand Weight: 12.5 lbs