Scent Intercept Scent Technology


The best selling product is back.  The new scent bags have updated scent technology, more durable material, and are available exclusively in Real Tree camo.


Bag is made of a 300 dinar fabric with a multi-layer poly coating for holding up to the elements in the back of your truck bed, or in the woods. Bags are treated with a silver antimicrobial treatment that kills odor causing bacteria and extends life of the fabric.  Large enough to fit your late season gear, or pack your gear for a week of archery hunting. Comes with Shoulder Strap. No activation needed for scent storage.


Our silver antimicrobial treatment is different from an open cell structure, or absorber that must be maintained and cleaned. With this treatment, we are reducing the amount of impact that odor causing bacteria can have on the fibers of the garment. This antimicrobial barrier helps kill bacteria and fight off the penetration of sweat which can become embed into your garment and cause unwanted body odors that are not only detrimental to your performance, but hard to get rid of.