Air Raid Evolution
XOP Air Raid Evolution Hang- 2020

XOP Air Raid Evolution Hang- 2020

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XOP Air Raid Evolution -New June 2020

The Air Raid Evolution is a complete redesign of our Standard Air Raid model featuring a new lighter platform design that offers an additional 4 inches of standing room. Equipped with the new slim I beam this hang-on is 2 lbs lighter than the standard raid. The perfect choice for a mobile set, or hang and leave.


• Dual-action seat cushion provides a convenient lean-to pad when standing & eliminates noise during transport

• Indestructible Heat-treated steel Fast strap attachment buttons for added strength and durability

• Heavy Duty UV treated full polyester attachment straps for prolonged

• In cast accessory hooks

• Quick connect bracket capability

• Fully leaving seat and platform for trees leaning/ crooked trees

• Integrates with XOP Climbing sticks for a quick efficient mobile hunting system

• XOP’s patented I-Beam technology replaces the hollow tube for stronger stand support that eliminates all resonation of sound.

- Ultimate offset 6-point bracket for advanced leveling capability

- Includes a TMA approved 6-point fall arrest system

- Platform Dimensions 21.5' x 31"

-Seat Dimensions 12" x 14"

-Weight Rating 350lbs

- Stand Weight 12.3lbs