Halo Z1000 Rangefinder 1000Yd.

Halo Z1000 Rangefinder 1000Yd.

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Halo Z1000 Rangefinder 1000Yd

Close the gap between guessing and knowing the distance to your target with a Halo® Z1000 Rangefinder. Press one button and Auto Acquisition will give exact range readings out to 1,000 yards two times faster than previous models. AITM (Angle Intelligence) technology takes into account your angle and distance to give you a compensated reading while the 6X magnification brings you in close for more accurate identification. Scan Mode will lock in multiple targets quickly so you can react and adapt quickly. The ergonomic design puts this technology in a water-resistant housing that will feel as good as it works and looks.

  • AITM (Angle Indication) Technology compensates for an upward or downward slope to give you a true distance to your target.
  • Auto Acquisition gives you exact readings twice as fast as previous models
  • Scan mode locks in multiple targets and distances quickly with up to four readings per second
  • Ergonomic design puts good looks to good use with natural grip and finger pressure points taken into account
  • Water resistant body keeps all the features operating even when the weather is not cooperating

Features of Halo Laser Range Finder XR700 Series:

  • 6X magnification
  • 1,000-yd. max range (reflective target)
  • 400-yd. max range (Deer, Elk, etc.)
  • Angle Intelligence Technology™
  • Scan mode for ranging
  • Precise to +/- 1 yard
  • Water resistant housing
  • New ergonomic body design