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Primos Dogg Trap E-Caller

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Primos Dogg Trap E-Caller

The Primos Dogg Trap™ electronic predator caller is compact and simple to use to make your hunt easy and effective. The Dogg Trap is packed full of features including the 150-yard remote and the ability to play two sounds at once, all at a super affordable price.


  • 2 preloaded Expert Hunts
  • 10 Randy Anderson Preloaded Sounds
  • Plays 2 sounds simultaneously
  • Ergonomic remote with magnetic attachment
  • Attachable Remote control with up to 150-yards range.
  • Operates on 6AA batteries
  • Adjustable legs to project sound in different terrian
  • Primos Ground Swat Grey Camo for quick concealment


  • Type: Electronic Predator Call
  • Species: All Predators
  • Battery: AA (6)
  • Style: Portable