Team Whitetail Lay Flat Scent Storage Bag
Team Whitetail Lay Flat Scent Storage Bag

Team Whitetail Lay Flat Scent Storage Bag

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Layflat Storage Bag
  • Real Tree Ap Camo
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Scent Intercept Technology
  • Waterproof Zippers
  • Perfect size to fit all your heayweight gear
  • 300 Denier heavy weight material
  • Water Resistant Coating
Our storage collection features several options that allow efficient storage and transportation of your gear and clothing. 
Enhance the effectiveness of your apparel by coupling it with our scent control storage solutions.


Our silver antimicrobial treatment is different from an open cell structure, or absorber that must be maintained and cleaned. With this treatment, we are reducing the amount of impact that odor causing bacteria can have on the fibers of the garment. This antimicrobial barrier helps kill bacteria and fight off the penetration of sweat which can become embed into your garment and cause unwanted body odors that are not only detrimental to your performance, but hard to get rid of.


Silver ions are paired with the fabric during the garment making process. These antimicrobial silver particles are used to help control microorganisms, while avoiding many of the negative side effects of other chemical treatments used on the market today.